Welcome to Raw Dog Food

Welcome to the beginning of our journey. Raw Dog Food aims to be the number one raw feeding resource on the internet.

Created primarily for newcomers, but will also serve as a handy reference guide for raw veterans, this site will educate you about what raw feeding is, why you’d do it, and hand hold you through taking the leap with your own dog.

So you’re probably thinking “but there’s plenty of raw feeding sites already out there!“, well yes there is, however many of them are confusing, lacking in depth, or abandoned by their creators. This will be different. Fuelled by a passion for canine health and nutrition, we’ll take you step by step from zero to raw.

Your first stop should be our raw feeding 101 page, this will take you through the basics to help you understand what feeding raw dog food is all about. After that, check out our resources page, an easy access list of our favourite books, items, links and anything else useful enough to share.

And when you’re finished, have a look at the rest of the blog, and leave a comment to let us know what you think.

As we’ve just launched, the site is looking a little bare, don’t worry though, more great information is being added regularly. To keep up to date with our latest posts, sign up to our newsletter to get raw feeding tips and tricks delivered directly to your inbox.

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