Natural Dog Conference

Raw Dog Food is proud to announce the UK’s first Natural Dog Conference. Something the UK desperately needs, we teamed up with Caroline Griffith the Spiritual Dog Trainer to bring some of the best minds in the canine world together for an unforgettable event.

Set to take place in Birmingham, the heart of England on the weekend of 5-6th December 2015, 8 speakers will provide over 10 hours of talks topped with two very exclusive Q&A sessions.

Our line up of speakers and talks are:

Dr Karen Becker – Keeping pets healthy in a toxic world
Rodney Habib – The journey to longevity
Dr Jean Dodds – What you thought you knew about vaccines (via video feed)
Dr Nick Thompson – Psychoneuroimmunology – Big Scary Word, Simple Concept
Dr Sue Armstrong – Auto-immune Disease – The Silent Epidemic
Caroline Ingraham – Self selection and plant therapeutics
Dr Isla Fishburn – Understanding a Wolf Diet – How complex is it and does it apply to dogs?
Caroline Griffith – Natural dog care: the bigger picture

This is the first conference of its type in the UK and hundreds of lucky dog owners will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of these incredible professionals.

Tickets are limited in numbers so do no miss the chance to be at such an incredible event.
Full information of the Natural Dog Conference can be found on the website:
Also, be sure to follow along via Facebook:

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