Toxicity, the UK, and Pigeons with Dr Karen Becker

On episode 2 of the raw feeding show I speak to Doctor Karen Becker about her career as a vet, toxins to avoid, how to find a great vet, what you shouldn’t neuter too early, and what she’s going to be talking about at the upcoming Natural Dog Conference, and you’ll discover why we need to find her some pigeons! Enjoy, it’s a good one!

Karen was the UK in December 2015 for the Natural Dog Conference alongside Rodney Habib, Dr Jean Dodds, Dr Nick Thompson, Dr Sue Armstrong, Dr Isla Fishburn, Caroline Ingraham and Caroline Griffith, click here to watch the conference online.

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  • Alina Tes Mer

    I bring my dog to the yearly vet check up. WOW says the vet – he looks amazing, perfect body fat , muscle definission! he called the staff to show off my pit bull mix Matt. he asked me- what do you feed him? i said – i feed him RAW FOOD – vet says- ” I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT!”

  • Tina Smith

    so are we moving more to feeding our dogs a natural diet to help maintain a health body and life ?